Copy & Paste Your Way To Success!

Never Have “Marketers’ Block” Again

This is NOT a book about email marketing. Not even close.

You know email marketing works, you know how to write subject lines and you know that you should be segmenting and all that good stuff.

You got that.

But all of us find it tricky to come up with new angle to promote our next product or affiliate offer, right?

The right sequence of emails with the right ‘angle’ means the difference between selling some product and selling heaps of them.

The key is that the campaign itself cuts through the noise, is fascinating and so compelling that people not only pay attention, but they take action (and we all know that means they buy your stuff).

Rather than just sending sporadic emails, these are strategically crafted campaigns where each email moves each subscriber closer to a sale...

...without coming across as pushy, needy or ‘sales-y’.

What you’re getting is 12 complete email campaigns that make sure your email marketing is never ignored, builds huge excitement for your product - while at the same time makes your list like you more (because the campaigns are fun instead of hard-sell pushy).

These are the exact campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in revenue from our email lists, despite NOT having the biggest list on the planet.

Fortunately, the size really doesn’t matter.

And, YES, you’re getting all 106 emails that go into each of these 12 campaigns inside of this 116 page you don’t need to think, you don’t need to create - you can copy, paste, fill-in-the-blanks and watch your sales go bezerk.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Find Inside Your Copy Of This Phenomenal Book:

  • The campaign that gives you an easy way to ‘launch’ and sell courses (and get paid BEFORE you create any content).
  • The campaign that has single-handedly generated over $746,810.92 in sales and builds ‘fame’ in your marketplace.
  • The 4-step campaign to attract your highest value buyers and have them flocking towards you to hand over large wads of cash.
  • A campaign to create higher demand for a product, make it more desirable and get people buying without even thinking about it.
  • A fast campaign that will Tap into the power of ‘People’s Opinions’ to make more sales where mere mortals simply wouldn’t.
  • A 2-step campaign that not only multiplies your email deliverability but creates a deep, personal relationship with almost every subscriber on your list.
  • The campaign we use to quickly FILL live events and seminars to capacity (at a profit!)
  • And much more...

About Rob & Kennedy

Founders of SaaS platform, ResponseSuite and hosts of the 'The Email Marketing Show', where (along with superstar guests) they share email marketing insights and wisdom, Rob and Kennedy are the most unlikely entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet.

As marketing experts to coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs worldwide, they engineer high-performing, profitable email, membership and webinar campaigns that sell more stuff - without being slimy or salesy.

DISCLAIMER Okay - we know that there is no such thing as "get rich quick" or 'guaranteed, easy money". Actually, if that's what you're looking for (to get overnight millions), then our programs are not for you. We really hate that whole approach to business. Instead we offer tested, proven marketing methods and ideas, taught in a powerful way and backed up by your hard work. The examples we've used on this site are of our results and some our clients who have taken what we teach and applied it in their business. They are NOT promises of the results that you will get. By law, we cannot and do not make any income claims or guarantees about your ability to make more sales, profit or income with our programs or strategies. We don't know you, your business or your ability to implement our methods. Nothing on our websites, our content or our programs is a promise or guarantee of specific results or earnings. We promise that we are committed to giving you premium, proven marketing methods and programs and we stand behind the quality of our education with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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“Turn Your Emails Into Profit With 12 Proven Six-Figure Email Campaigns That Work In Any Niche - Even With A Tiny List

If someone offered you a complete email marketing roadmap, for the next 12 months... would you sit up and pay attention?

The world's most successful marketers and entrepreneurs understand the MASSIVE value of 'modelling' successful marketing campaigns and flat-out copying what works.

No more scratching your head, trying to figure out how to sell products to your email list - instead just copy, paste and deploy these 12 complete email marketing campaigns.

These exact campaigns are directly responsible for millions of dollars in sales in our business, and millions more for our clients, friends and partners.

That's why today, we want to give you...

...Fill-in-the-blanks, hit send and sell more stuff. 

It doesn't matter what want to sell or who you want to sell it to.

With these 12 time-tested email campaigns, you're guaranteed to see a surge of new sales, without having to come up with anything new or fresh.

It couldn't be easier.

Just open this book up to any page, choose one of the complete email campaigns you want to use and start bringing in masses of new sales (even from the people who have never bought anything from you before!).

This is your shortcut to becoming an email marketing hero.

We have tested these with offers niches including: Internet marketing, health & fitness, personal development, financial education, animal care, gardening and many more!



12 Campaigns To Give Your Email Marketing Super Powers

Our 60-Second Marketing 'Hack'

The key to success with marketing is to have a 'swipe file' resource that you can tap into, to create high-converting promotions in under a minute!

"Guys - this is an amazing resource for making more sales with email! You NEED to make this available as a product, because this will change the game for anyone interested in email marketing!" - Janet Murray

After sharing it with a few of our clients, we realised that we literally HAD to make this publicly available.

The Email Marketers' Game Plan

We created The Email Marketers' Game Plan as our own in-house swipe file, for our team to use, here in our office, whenever they need to create a new email promotion... collating our 12 most profitable email campaigns from our 16 years (each!) of email marketing, in 6 different niches

I mean, imagine the power if you could just...

And This Works, Even With A Teeny-Tiny Tiddler Of A List

When it comes to email marketing, size really doesn't matter.


List building is getting more difficult and more expensive by the day, so we need all of the help we can get!

And having a huge list isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Delivery is more difficult, hosting is more expensive, engagement is lower...

That's why these campaigns are designed to be used (and profitable), whether you have a tiny micro-list of less than 100 subscribers or over 1million raving fans.

Even if you're just starting out, these are the campaigns you need to have in place from Day 01.

So we have. It sounds cheesy as heck, but it's just too powerful to keep it to ourselves.

Wow, I have just finished reading the book, and I am so excited. Each of these campaigns could easily add 6-figures to your business!!!”- Terry Weatherill

“This will save you the time and frustration of starting from scratch – shaving off months of experimentation and moving you quickly to the goal of making a profit”- Richard Eddings

“If you've ever put your heart and soul into creating a product or event and then spent a day staring at a blank sheet trying to come up with a campaign to promote it, then this is for you. Instant campaigns, ready to go”- Richard Joyce

“Whether you're getting started or you're a seasoned email marketing pro, this will give you well crafted and fresh campaigns you can start using ASAP for your webinars, live events, product launches, coaching offers, affiliate campaigns and many more”- Sergio Felix

How This 'Game Plan' Works For You...

Every single month (or whenever you feel like it!) you can simply hurl open the Game Plan to any campaign that you want and use it, pretty much exactly as it is.

Just fill in a few short blanks to suit your niche/audience and then copy and paste your way to profit.

You can use this to sell more of your own products/services OR you can promote affiliate offers, where you just get paid a commission.

These campaigns have been designed to stack curiosity, intrigue and desire... to create compelling sales machines that get maximum engagement, opens, clicks and sales - every time.

What would it mean to you, if you could generate thousands of dollars in additional sales, just by adding these to your toolbox?

How would it change things for you, if you could cut down the hours of hard work, thinking and learning to become a successful email marketer?

What difference would it make in your life if you had the exact recipes for the most successful six-figure email campaigns that you have ever run?

Your 'Email Marketing Department In A Box' (For Pennies On The Dollar)

To pay a professional copywriter to create these bespoke email campaigns for your business would typically cost at least $5,000.

I mean, these emails are literally worth millions of dollars to us.

And any ONE of these could easily add five or six figures in revenue to your business.

Not just once, but over and over again.

So far, we've only allowed them into the hands of our coaching and consulting clients, who paid us at least $2,000 (and they loved them).

They have nagged, moaned and persuaded us to make these publicly available to you.

And we're doing something SPECIAL...

Plus, When You Order Today You'll Also Get...


You Don't Have To Pay $2000 To Get This, Thanks To Our...

Yup - because you've found this page today, you can get your hands on everything for just... $97.

That's right, less than a hundred bucks to get your hands on this entire email marketing toolkit.

All 12 campaigns. 106 complete profit-pulling emails.

That's under $9 per campaign, to have your email marketing taken care of for the next 12 months (and beyond).

You'll make that back in your first try.

And you get the video walkthroughs, promotional calendar and revival campaign for free.

If you're serious about email marketing, you can't afford not to have this in your armoury.

We have made the whole thing available by instant download in just the next few minutes.

Click the 'Buy Now' button below and get started today.

BONUS 01: Complete Video Walkthrough Of Every Campaign

We'll walk you through each campaign to explain exactly how it works and how to get best results. You'll also learn the psychology, art and science of why we wrote the campaign the way that we did. This is an invaluable lesson that will help you to create your very own, powerful email marketing campaigns,

BONUS 02: Our Fill-In-The-Blanks Email Promotional Calendar

Use this downloadable spreadsheet on your computer or tablet to map out and plan your email marketing promotions for the next year! 

You'll see exactly how to lay everything out, so that your email marketing is planned to perfection, every step of the way.

Value $47     Yours Free

Value $197     Yours Free

This is fantastic! For someone who works predominantly solo, putting together email campaigns can quite often be the bain of my life! I'm running a conference next year and the Conference/Event Campaign strategy is absolute gold dust. This is a must have if you want to take your email marketing to the next level and see actual results - What can be better than a complete done for you strategy that is ready to implement?!- Mel Bridger

"I'm so used to writing short copy for messenger bots that I'd lost the ability to create great emails.  This will save me so much time in creating the right campaign for the right audience for me & my clients" - Sacha Liddiard

“If you're looking for DFY campaigns you can immediately plug into your autoresponder, or gaining a thorough understanding of how to structure an email sequence, EMGP has got you covered.”- Ted Katz

“Over 100 emails, within 12 campaigns. This has saved me so much time. Now to test and tweak these sequences and generate some sales!” - Andy Mackow

FULL Money Back Guarantee

We're SO confident that these 12 campaigns will give your email marketing 'super powers' that we're gonna cover this with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

That's two full months to get this up, running and turning a profit and if, for any reason, you don't LOVE it, just send us 1 little email and we'll immediately refund every penny.

This is a total game changer! I’ve been blown away by how many emails are included in this pack, I’m so excited to use the mini course campaign for my next bot course. The video walkthroughs are soooo valuable - explaining how and why the campaigns work so well makes this a masterclass in email marketing for anyone who wants to turbo charge their sales.” 

- Sarah Mulcare

Want to get more sales or subscribers? EMGP gives you simple step-by-step tools that guide you through the entire process. The email templates are ready to use campaigns that will save you hours and produce results".- John Filkelde

Over the past few years, Rob and Kennedy have generated millions of dollars in sales through info products, membership sites, eCommerce, high ticket coaching programs, in-person seminars, across 10+ different niche markets... and tens of millions of dollars for their clients.

They’re on a mission to save the world from bad, under-performing email marketing that’s terrorising your business.

Very impressed with all the email templates which are going to save me heaps of time. Some great campaign ideas I’d not considered before. The video walkthroughs and campaign calendar make these super easy to implement- Karly Ellis

Get Instant Download Access To Everything! Just Click 'Buy Now' Below...

I've just used the Email Marketer's Game Plan to smash through setting up a webinar email sequence. Having the copy to use as a foundation meant that I could relax and enjoy putting my own twist on the emails, knowing the structure of the emails was solid. What I really loved was advice on when to send each email, which is something I usually agonise over. If you want to accelerate your email copywriting process and get strategic help and tips, the Email Marketer's Game Plan is a bargain!- Melissa Love

Want to wake up those 'sleeping' subscribers who don't open, click or buy from you any more?

In this bonus training, we'll walk you through our strategy for identifying, engaging and 'reviving' the subscribers that you thought you'd lost forever!

Learn how to grab their attention, bringing them back to life and, critically, what to do with them next (it's not what you'd expect!).

Value $197. Yours INCLUDED with the Game Plan.


Bonus 'Email Revival' Masterclass